Bravo 2014 Ad Sales Presentations

When Bravo needed to come up with a new look and Ad Sales presentation system for their 2014 programming lineup, they called on i&D to come up with a flexible and powerful solution that highlighted their unique identities and their overall branding initiatives for the year.

The Result a versatile presentation package that was hugely successful, and led to i&D becoming an important partner to Bravo in developing more ad sales materials, future upfront campaigns and their Emmy presentations.


PowerPoint Presentation

Presentation Template

i&D developed the Presentation Template, a series of editable slides Bravo AEs used to create their decks. It became a framework for the rest of the presentation to be built into. The Template was built using Master slides in PowerPoint, so it was extremely easy to customize on the fly while maintaining the overall look and feel. Client logos and Program Specific artwork were also a breeze to incorporate using ‘click to add’ image boxes. It was completely plug and play in its design.

We also addressed another important issue for them – the use of their Corporate Fonts in sharable PPT files. Since Bravo’s brand uses a type face that is not a ‘System Font,’ they found that when they included it in PowerPoints that were shared with clients, and the clients didn’t have the font installed on their computer, a font replacement would occur and throw everything out of whack. Our solution for this problem was to create static graphic headers using the Bravo font – and then pair it with a common system font for use in editable bodies of copy.

Show Decks

To populate the Presentation Template in the easiest way possible, i&D created ‘Show Packages’ for each program Bravo was promoting – comprised of four slides each.



This is the title slide which included talent photography, a brief show description and air dates. We also helped develop interchangeable ‘tasty tidbits,’ which were graphic flags that delivered impressive industry-specific stats on either the network or the programming, to further promote the reach of the brand.

We also created a thumbnail image system for each show to be used on plan overview slides within the Template.


i&D developed graphic icons for each advertising opportunity offered by the network, that acted as identifiers and wayfinding throughout the Presentation. Bravo would then curate the opportunities for each program, and categorize them using their own ranking system – from “OK” which was a more minimal buy, to “Passion” which was a more aggressive buy, resulting in more viewer immersion. We also created a color coding system for these icons to show their hierarchy.


We created this quick reference slide, which was a deeper dive into each advertising category and opportunity that provided short descriptions and peaked the interests of advertisers and marketing clients.

All Show Packages were neatly organized within individual folders, so they were easily accessed and managed as changes developed.

Advertising Opportunity Packages


A more detailed view of the advertising opportunities came in the form of our customized Offering Packages. Rather than spelling out their complex offerings using long text descriptions (as they did in the past), we mapped out a clear and concise visual overview using illustrations, images, and easy to understand experience paths. On top was the viewer experience path, and on the bottom was the advertiser’s. So, at a glance, advertisers were able to visualize where they fit in by following the orange bar, and looking for orange opportunities within the viewer’s devices. We designated orange as the official advertiser color throughout the presentation so it is very easy to recognize which parts of the opportunities are customizable and also where on screen they would be visible.

Advertising Executives had the ability to cater these slides to the clients they were presenting to by including logos, customizing text, even changing out the screens being shown on the devices.

An informational slide that broke down the details of the opportunity. All of this content was pre-populated with the exception of the Sponsor Opportunities (shown in orange – carrying over the color coding)  which the AE’s catered specifically to the needs of the client. We also included a spot at the bottom for network or programming stats to further promote the brand at a time where it would count the most.

The visual roadmaps were bundled along with the rest of the opportunity elements into individual packages. So when an AE wanted to include ‘Ask Andy’ in their presentation all they had to do was access a folder and they had everything they needed at their fingertips.

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