Discovery Networks Upfront Campaign

Discovery Networks asked us to come up with a clever way to raise awareness of advertising opportunities, and drive traffic to their Upfront event. i&D developed a unique, award-winning, multi-platform campaign that promoted Discovery programming and engaged Ad Buyers across the country. We designed and built eighteen custom interactive video kiosks called ‘LADs’, built an exciting teaser campaign around their arrival in media buying agencies across America, and created a huge buzz in the industry. Promotional mailers with 3D viewers, HTML email blasts, trade magazine print ads and an interactive website with a virtual LAD all supported this successful campaign.

The Result a record-breaking attendance at the New York City Upfront event.



Interactive Video Kiosks
Promotional Packages
Print & Web Advertising
Virtual Online 3D Kiosk
Prizes and Fulfillment
Sweepstakes Tie-In

Detail of the ‘LAD’

This is the LAD – an acronym for the network’s tagline at the time, “Let’s All Discover.” He was inspired by those coin operated binoculars you see at places like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Empire State Building and Mt. Rushmore. You know that when you stick a quarter in and look into them, that you will see something amazing and unexpected. We used this as a metaphor for Discovery’s programming – “We have something great to show you”.

‘LAD’ Design and Construction

i&D designed and constructed 18 LADs and placed them in Media Buying offices throughout the country. Inside its head was a mini DVD player running a sizzle reel of new and exciting Discovery programming (this is the year they were launching Planet Earth). To operate the LAD, you would insert this swipe card into its mouth which opened up its eyes. Then the headphones would be put on, and you’d look in for an IMAX-like experience because your eyes were so close to the screen.

Print Advertising

A print campaign was also created driving everyone to meet the LAD online.


We created an interactive online version of the LAD for those not lucky enough to receive a visit from him. Utilizing 3D modeling and CGI, we gave the LAD even more personality by having him hop onto the screen and curiously approach the user. You could then stick your virtual swipe card in his mouth and get the same viewing experience as on the real version. Watch the a demonstration of the Website by clicking on the video below:

HTML Email Blasts

We also developed HTML email blasts to announce the campaign and drive traffic to the upfront. To create intrigue, the LADs were installed in two days. The first day was just the base and pole with a sign on top that read “The LAD is coming.” On the second day, the head was installed and the experience began! After a few days, the LAD would “migrate” to his next office, but a sign would be left behind from the LAD saying goodbye, but that he looked forward to seeing you again at the Upfront Event.

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