Oracle-Hyperion Identity & Sales Training Package

Hyperion asked i&D to create a unique program to help educate clients while promoting their broad range of financial software training services. We developed a multi-platform sales kit that included an interactive portal, dynamic customized tutorial animations with voice-over, instructional videos, integrated multi-lingual e-catalogs, and created a unique customized demonstration showcasing Hyperion’s powerful financial software in action. From storyboard layout, to final construction, branding and package design – i&D distilled, simplified and consolidated an extensive amount of content into an easy-to-use kit that educated clients and increased sales.

The Result a sales tool so successful, it is now in its fifth generation.


Performance Management Software

Interactive Kit
Instructional Demo
HTML Emails


It began with a brand. i&D developed the ‘Make an Educated Decision’ logo, a design symbolizing Hyperion’s proven and qualified perspective in helping navigate clients in making the right decision for their financial software needs. In addition, to promote and help identify Hyperion’s training methods, i&D developed an iconic graphic key for their interactive education sales kits.

Interactive Kit

From initial design and finalizing artwork for press, to overseeing production and assembly – i&D’s package designs for Hyperion’s sales and promotional kits reinforced the brand and helped cross-promote services.

Graphic User Interface

i&D’s graphic interface designs provided Hyperion clients with an easy-to-use and informative portal. From initial schematics to storyboard development, GUI design and content gathering to optimization, integration, final testing and production – i&D managed the project from concept to delivery.

Instructional Demo

We developed a series of videos and animation sequences to showcase the benefits of Hyperion’s training solutions. From script development, talent search and filming to final editing – each video and animation was optimized for interactive sales kit integration, web and mobile devices. Watch an excerpt of the Instructional demo by clicking on the video below:

Newsletters and HTML Emails

To promote Hyperion’s service upgrades and new support methods, i&D designed and developed a monthly newsletter that was optimized for print and email distribution.

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