Nivea For Men Promotional Mailer

Nivea’s public relations firm asked us to come up with a fun and innovative way to create a buzz about their new Body Wash for Men product line among writers and journalists. We decided to construct a custom mini-shower, and place the products inside of it along with product information cards that each featured a different kid from their TV commercial, and a cool man teaching them how to clean like a grown up.

The Result increased awareness of Nivea’s Body Wash for Men products and lots of hilarious reactions!


Bath and Body

Custom Mini-Shower
Product Information Cards

Custom Mini-Shower

i&D designed and fabricated 35 mini-showers out of plexiglass that fit three bottles of Nivea Body Wash for Men perfectly. The door had a magnetic latch, and the entire surface was made to look like a steamy shower.

Product Information Cards

The TV commercial for these products featured young teenagers skeptical about the product, and a cool older man setting them straight and telling them to “Clean like a grown up.” i&D translated this clever message into three insert cards with images and lines on the front and product information on the back. They were neatly slid inside the mini-showers next to the products, and held in tight by the magnetically latched door.

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