PSNA Brand Identity & Style Guide

The Panasonic System Networks Company of America (PSNA) is a massive division that markets a huge range of products – and they had a big problem. With such a vast offering of products, how do you unify all of them under one brand, but still make each product group unique and recognizable? i&D rose to the challenge and developed a full brand identity system for PSNA, including a style guide and library of design templates.

The Result a successful brand identity system which gained praise from Panasonic’s internal and external creative agencies for its ease of use.


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Brand Identity
Style Guide
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Brand Identity System

We created a complete brand identity system, as shown in the above page from the PSNA Style Guide. Customized treatments for the umbrella brand (Panasonic), a unique photography style, typography and overall design/layout rules were established. This all came together in an engaging and powerful system that made PSNA feel fresh and new, while still following the Panasonic house style and brand guidelines. Below are print ad templates following the PSNA style for each product group.

Style Guide & Design Templates

A Style Guide was created to ensure that all PSNA marketing materials developed by Panasonic staff members and/or third-party agencies would be cohesive and on-brand. We included detailed instructions and guidance on each element of the identity system – from color palette to clear space to creation of the unique photographic scenes which always show the product in the foreground, but still feel like one image. We also developed actual design templates for a wide range of PSNA marketing materials including print ads, sell sheets, digital ads and signage, websites, PPT presentations and more – which were available to download from within the Style Guide. Have a look through some of the Style Guide pages below, or browse the entire thing here.

Identity System Rollout

Once the PSNA brand identity system was launched, Panasonic came back to us to develop real marketing materials using our new style. This print ad was created for Panaboard, their smart whiteboard product. We also developed various digital ad campaigns for Panasonic utilizing the new PSNA brand identity. Here are a few digital campaigns we created for Panasonic Classroom Audio, Panasonic Medical Imaging and Panasonic Printers.

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