Panasonic Retail TV Sales Kit & Video Presentation

Panasonic asked i&D to create a sales package that would communicate the power of their digital signage systems. We developed an award-winning campaign that helped educate customers on the benefits of digital signage, and increased sales through a flexible combination of print and interactive marketing materials.

The Result a campaign so successful that sales were made before customers ever tried the actual systems in person.


A/V Solutions

Sales Package
Interactive Demo
Video Presentation
Digital Ads

‘Design Kit’ Sales Package

i&D developed a pocket-sized ‘design kit’ – eight interchangeable cards each promoting different aspects of the retailTV digital signage system. A different mix of cards would be used by the sales team depending on who they were selling to. This kit also included a 3″ CD, which contained an interactive demo of retailTV in action.

‘Try Before You Buy’ Interactive Demo

We created the ‘Try Before You Buy’ interactive product demo so that potential customers could experience the great features of retailTV first hand. It was so successful that sales were made before customers ever tried the actual system in person! The demo was also repurposed for the Panasonic Website, and animated banners were developed to drive traffic to the online version of the demo. Watch the a ‘ Try Before You Buy’ interactive product demo by clicking on the video below:

Video Presentation

i&D also developed a video presentation for retailTV. We brought the design kit to life by creating a virtual retail store, and positioned each signage feature within it. Motion and camera fly-through’s were implemented to make the viewer feel the true immersive nature of retailTV, and to drive home its power. Watch the presentation by clicking on the video below:

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