A&E Storage Wars Sales Presentation

When A&E needed a sales tool to promote a unique advertising opportunity around their hit series Storage Wars, they came to i&D. We created an engaging and dynamic presentation, playfully integrating show characters and elements in unconventional ways, to arm their account executives.

The Result a fun and informative sales presentation that increased awareness and ad sales.





i&D created the A&E Storage Wars Presentation to provide Account Executives with a powerful and flexible way to promote a unique advertising opportunity – sponsorship of a challenge where fans compete for an apprenticeship with the cast and even a role on the upcoming season.

Engaging Motion

We brought the content to life with sleek, show-related animations. The storage unit roll-down doors were used to reveal important information and imagery.

Multiplatform System

Since this sponsorship had opportunities across multiple platforms, we developed a comprehensive visual system that made walking clients through the process easier. It began with a top level overview slide, giving AE’s a great conversation starter, and then drilled down into more specific opportunities.

Character Integration

The cast of this show is made up of many strong personalities. We harnessed some of their energy by integrating them into title slides and having them interact with typography.

Viewer Immersion

The concept of fan-immersion was top of mind for this opportunity. To communicate that, we put the presentation viewers in the fan’s shoes at certain points. Point-of-view photography was utilized showing the fans interacting with the show at home, and the grand prize information was behind a full-screen storage unit door that dramatically rolled up to reveal it. This emulated the excitement a fan would feel during the actual experience.

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