TomTom Promotional Mailer

TomTom’s public relations firm asked us to come up with an innovative way to create interest in their GPS products among journalists and ‘Holiday Wish List’ writers. We developed a sleek promotional mailer which paired various products with different types of driver personalities, and communicated all of their great benefits and features. We also included a gasoline gift card to get them in the driving (and receiving) spirit.

The Result increased awareness of TomTom products and features in various Holiday gift lists.


Automotive Navigation Systems


Promotional Mailer (Open)

i&D created a brushed aluminum tin with the TomTom logo screen printed on its cover. Inside was a 14-page booklet that arrived nestled in TomTom-red tissue paper within the tin.


We developed this 14-page booklet to communicate all the great features of TomTom GPS products, and inject some fun and whimsy by pairing each one with a different type of driver personality. From full-time parents to first-time drivers. Adventurous bikers to corporate trailblazers. Each product’s features and benefits were listed, along with their prices.

Gasoline Gift Card

We included a gasoline gift card, attached to the back of the booklet, to get recipients in the Holiday mood and make them remember TomTom when they started writing their gift lists.

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