Top Chef Emmy Presentation

When Bravo got an Emmy nomination for their hit show Top Chef, they called on i&D to come up with a knockout presentation that they could give to the Emmy judges. It needed to tell the complex multi-platform storyline of Top Chef and its innovative advertising packages in an engaging yet understandable way. We met with Bravo, digested the huge story and loads of content, and developed an exciting Keynote presentation in under two weeks.

The Result a homerun – they won the Emmy Award!



Keynote Presentation


i&D developed the Emmy Presentation with a unique look and feel that also maintained both Bravo & Top Chef branding. We illustrated their multi-platform storytelling capabilities and many show storylines in a very engaging and easy to comprehend way. The entire presentation was created in under two weeks.

Engaging Motion

Dynamic motion helped bring the story to life, adding impact to the scripted presentation. This sequence of slides tells the story of contestant Kritsen Kisch and her journey through the Top Chef competition. Sleek animations and cool page transitions helped to keep the judges engaged throughout the presentation. Watch a demonstration of the Bravo Top Chef presentation by clicking on the video below:

Socially Engaged

We ‘humanized’ the social media aspect of their stories by pairing warm character photography with bold, stylized social media posts and activity.

Q&A Talkpoints

After Emmy Presentations are given, there is a short period of time for questions and answers with the judges. To help frame and lead this conversation, i&D came up with a simple visual aid that was shown on the screen during this time. It was a visual recap of their multi-platform storytelling highlights and key components.

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